Study Room Policies

Make a Reservation

  • To make a reservation, you must be a current University of Florida student.
  • The study rooms are unmediated and unlocked. Anyone can use the study rooms but priority is given to the group who has placed a LibCal reservation during the current time.
  • The person who made the reservation in LibCal must be present to show their confirmation email to patrons who might already be occupying the space.
  • Groups may reserve up to 2 blocks of time and up to 2 hours per day. Reservations are made in 30 minute increments. It is not necessary for a group to use the entire reservation period.
  • Groups who are using a study room but do not have a LibCal reservation must vacate the room when a group with a reservation arrives and shows their confirmation email.
  • In the event a person with the LibCal reservation does not have a way to show their confirmation, a circulation staff member will check the reservation system and issue a print out for confirmation.
  • Each patron can only have two hours reserved at a time.
  • It is acceptable for multiple people in the same group to reserve consecutive blocks of time in a room.
  • A minimum of two occupants must be present to use the study rooms.
  • The walls and windows may not be covered or altered by users of the room.
  • Rooms must be ready to use when vacated by the assignee. No personal items may be left behind.
  • Furniture, whiteboard, marker, and eraser must stay in the study room. Furniture may not be removed or added to the study room.
  • Do not leave any personal material unattended. Remember the doors are not locked. The library is not responsible for any thefts.

In addition to the above, the person who made the reservation is responsible for:

  • The condition of the study room and library items belonging in the study room.
  • Any loud conversation that can be heard outside of the study room. Please be considerate.