Jean Bossart

Jean Bossart

Associate University Librarian
Office: L-209B Marston Science Library
Phone: (352) 273-2864

M.E., University of Florida (Environmental Engineering)
B.S., University of Florida (Chemical Engineering)

P.E., Licensed Professional Engineer (Florida)

Subject Responsibilities:  Civil & Coastal Engineering, Electrical & Computer EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering SciencesIndustrial & Systems Engineering, School of Construction Management

Research Interests: Engineering education and leadership, Women in engineering, Rapid prototyping using 3D printing, Florida environmental issues.

Recent Publications:

Bossart, J., S. Gonzalez, and Z. Greenberg. (2021). 3D printing filament recycling for a more sustainable library makerspace. College & Undergraduate Libraries, 1-16

Bossart, J., S. Gonzalez, S., and N. Bharti. (2019). Retrospective analysis of a sustainable 3D printing service in an Academic Library. Library Hi Tech, 37(4).

Stapleton, S.C., Royster, M., Bharti, N., Birch, S., Bossart, J., Butts, S., Cataldo, T.T., Gonzalez, S.R., Minson, V., Putnam, S.R. and Yip, C. (2019). Girls Tech Camp: Librarians inspire adolescents to consider STEM careers. Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, (92), Fall 2019.

Bossart, J. and N. Bharti. (2017). Women in engineering: Insight into why some engineering departments have more success in recruiting and graduating women. American Journal of Engineering Education, 8(2) 127-140.

Bharti, N. and J. Bossart. (2016). Peer-reviewed publications analysis of Chemical Engineering faculty at the University of Florida. Performance Measurement and Metrics, 17(3).

Book Chapters:

Bossart, J.  (2022). What are standards and how to read them. In H. Repel & R. Hamelers (Eds.), Teaching critical reading skills: strategies for academic librarians. Association of College and Research Libraries, Chicago, IL. [in production for release in Fall 2022]

Spears, L.I., Del Monte, A.P., Bossart, J.L., Minson, V., Meneely, J., Portillo, M., Gonzalez, S., and Bosch, S.J. (2021). Facilitating innovative research, creative thinking and problem-solving: A collaborative assessment framework. In H. Zaugg, (Ed.), Inside academic library assessment. Medical Library Association. 119-134.

Gonzalez, S., J. Bossart, and F-Y. Su. (2019). 3D printing animal earrings. In Kroski, E. (Ed.), 53 Ready-to-use Kawaii craft projects. American Library Association. Washington, DC. 112-116.

Bossart, J.  (2018). Serving STEM graduate students. In C. Renfro & C. Stiles (Eds.), Transforming libraries to serve graduate students. Association of College and Research Libraries, Chicago, IL: 113-123.

Grant Activities:

J. Bossart (PI), S.R. Gonzalez, and A. Williams. (2019). NEFLIN Innovation Grant – Finding a Sustainable Solution for 3D Printing Waste.

J. Bossart (PI) and S.R. Gonzalez (Co-Pi). (2016). Tech Fee Proposal: New Functionality for UF Libraries’ 3D Printing Services.