Tool and Technology Lending

Some items require reservation.

ItemLoan periodLibraryAvailabilityMore infoCategory
iPadsiPad 2 Air7 daysVeterinary Medicine Education CenterCheck availabilityTablets
VGStudio MaxMarstonMake reservationReservation Required. A software package for editing CT scan dataMiscellaneous
Measuring tape100-foot measuring tape7 daysMarstonCheck availability100-footTools
Headphone splitter1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityAudio/Visual
HeadphonesHeadphones1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityAudio/Visual
SAPPHIRE Portable Video MagnifierVideo magnifier and components.1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityFeatures continuous magnification of 3.4x to 16x on a bright, high-contrast 7-inch display screenAudio/Visual
USB-C charger1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityUniversal charger, compatible with most USB-C devices (Apple, laptop/tablet, and Android)
Web camera1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityAccessories, Audio/Visual
Mouse, wireless1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityAccessories
Leatherman Multi-Tool7 daysMarstonCheck availability15 tools: Needlenose pliers, regular pliers, hard-wire cutters, wire cutters, wire stripper, 420HC knife, large bit driver, spring-action scissors, diamond-coated file, can opener, bottle opener, awl w/ thread loop, ruler, wood/metal file, medium screwdriverTools
File Set7 daysMarstonCheck availability18Pcs File Set, Round and Flat File Kits are Made of High Carbon-Steel, Ideal Wooden Hand Tool for Woodwork, Metal, Model & Hobby ApplicationsTools
Electricity Usage Monitor7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityCounts consumption by Kilowatt-hours, with high-power tolerance rated at Max.16A, compatible with 220v ac. Includes extension cable.Tools

7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityIncludes: Dremel engraver and a variety of engraving cutters and grinding stonesTools
Locking pliers setLocking pliers set7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityIncludes: 6-inch long nose locking pliers, 10-inch locking pliers; 7-inch offset locking pliersTools
Wrenches set Wrenches7 daysMarstonCheck availabilitySAE and Metric wrenches set with storage pouch.Tools
Headphone to USB-C AdapterHeadphone to USB adapter1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityCables and adapters
Voice TranslatorVoice translator7 daysMarstonCheck availabilitySupports 70 languages with two-way translation. Incompatible with UF Wifi. Hotspot or personal Wifi required.Audio/Visual
USB Power Adapter Wall PlugUSB wall adapter1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityCables and adapters
Presenter with laser pointerWireless presenter7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityCompatiblity: PC and Mac, 65-Foot wireless rangeAccessories
Calculator - Financial Financial calculator1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityProfitability calculations, cash flow function, calculates NPV and IRR for uneven cash flows, time-value-of-money, amortization keysCalculators
Universal 90 Watt AC laptop charger90-watt laptop charger1 dayMarstonCheck availability15 interchangeable charging tips. Compatible with 40W 45W 65W 90W laptop power adapter.Chargers
USB to USB-C converterUSB to USB-C adapter1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityCables and adapters
HDMI to USB-C adapter HDMI to USB-C1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityConnect USB-C computer or phone to an HDMI-equipped display, monitor, or projectorCables and adapters
USB 2.0 A-Male to B-Mini CableUSB to USB mini adapter1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityCables and adapters
Apple Lightning to Headphone Jack AdapterApple headphone to lightning jack1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityCompatibility: all devices that have a lightning connector and support iOS 10 or later, including iPod touch, iPad, and iPhoneCables and adapters
DisplayPort to HDMI AdapterDisplayPort to HDMI7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityConnects a computer's DisplayPort to an HDTV for audio/video streaming or to an HD monitor or projector - HDMI cable required Cables and adapters
MouseMouse1 dayMarstonCheck availability3-button USB wired mouseAccessories
GoPro Hero 5 KitGoPro Hero 5 kit7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityIncludes: GoProHero5; Vicdozia Selfie Monopod 39"; GoPro Smart Remote; GoPro Chesty Chest Harness; GoPro HeadStrap + Quickclip; Lowepro Dashpoint AVC 1 Case; GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp; GoPro The Handler-floating hand grip; 2 rechargeable batteries; assorted mounts

Accessories backpack is optional - camera checks out separate
Accessories, Audio/Visual
GPS Field Data Collection Kit7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityIncludes: Geode Sub Meter GPS Receiver; Cedar-Android Handheld Data Collector; manualsMiscellaneous
Surface Pro Laptop ChargerSurface Pro charger1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityChargers
Deburring ToolDeburring tool7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityDeburring tool for deburring copper and steel pipes after cutting. Made of plastic with steel blade.Tools
Socket SetSocket set7 daysMarstonCheck availability3/8 Drive Quick Release Ratchet; 3/8 Drive 3'' Extension; 3/8 to 1/4 Drive Adaptor; 3/8 Drive Drill Adaptor; 1/4 Drive Standard SAE Sockets - (5/32,3/16,7/32,1/4,9/32,5/16,3/8); 3/8 Drive Standard SAE Sockets - (7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8,11/16,3/4,13/16,7/8), 1/4 Drive Standard Metric Sockets - (5,6,7,8,9,10,11); 3/8 Drive Standard Metric Sockets - (12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19)Tools
DVD, CD, Blu-ray, External USB DriveBlu ray1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityBlu-ray drive plays Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and CDs.Accessories, Audio/Visual
360 camera - GoPro FusionGoPro Fusion 3607 daysMarstonCheck availabilityIncludes: GoPro Fusion 360 Camera; extending tripod; 2 tripod attachment pieces; charging cord Audio/Visual
MultimeterMultimeter7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityHandheld pocket oscilloscope, 40Mega samples/sec in real time with bandwidth up to 10MHzTools
Calculator - Graphing Graphing calculator1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityCasio fx-9750GII, Texas Instruments TI-84 PlusCalculators
SanDisk Ultra 64GB Micro SDXC UHS-I Memory Card with AdapterSanDisk 647 daysMarstonCheck availabilityIdeal for Android-based smartphones and tablets. 64GB. Adapter fits microSD, microSDHC, and Micro SDXC.Accessories
SanDisk Memory Card - 32GB Ultra Class 10 SDHC UHS-ISanDisk 327 daysMarstonCheck availabilityUp to 80MB/s; ideal for compact-to-midrange point-and-shoot digital cameras and camcorders. Class 10 rating for full HD video (1080p)Accessories
Apple USB-C to USB-C CableUSB-C1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityCables and adapters
Apple USB-C Power Adapter and Charging Cable (2m)Apple USB-C adapter1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityChargers
Apple 85w Magsafe 2 Power Adapter for MacBook Pro with Retina DisplayMagsafe 21 dayMarstonCheck availabilityCompatibility: MacBook Pro with Retina Display and features magnetic DC connectorCables and adapters
Apple Magsafe to Magsafe 2 ConverterMagsafe converter1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityUse the MagSafe connector on an LED Cinema Display, Thunderbolt Display, or MagSafe Power Adapter to charge a MagSafe 2-equipped Mac computer.Chargers
Sewing KitSewing kit7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityIncludes: Threader; thread; sewing pins; sewing needles in assorted sizes; Wonder clips; thimbleTools, Miscellaneous
Soldering StationSoldering set7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityIncludes: digital soldering station; lead-free solder wire with rosin core for electrical soldering (0.6 mm); flux pasteTools
Stud FinderStud finder7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityWireless metal detector and AC live wire multi-scannerTools
Drill set - screwdriving and drill bitsDrill set7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityDeWalt drill, 8.0 Amp motor; 3/8 inch ratcheting keyless chuck; 21 piece, titanium coated speed tip drill bit set; 45 piece screwdriving set with tough caseTools
Extension cordExtension cord7 daysMarstonCheck availability25 ft. extension cord with mesh drawstring bagTools
Laser levelLaser level7 daysMarstonCheck availability30-ft range self leveling up to 4 degrees accuracy +- 5/16 inchTools
Electronics Repair KitElectronics repair kit7 daysMarstonCheck availability100-piece computer technician tool kitTools, Miscellaneous
Phone/Tablet Repair Tool KitPhone/tablet repair toolkit7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityIncludes: screwdriver kit and bits; plastic opening tools; ESD tweezers, utility knife; anti-static wrist strap; SIM card ejector pin and LCD suction cup; triangle plectrums; plastic spudgers; metal spudgers; tin scraper; large plastic double headed opening tool; cleaning cloth; magnetizing and demagnetizing tool; SIM card shells; magnetic protect matsTablets, Tools
Homeowner's Tool KitHomeowner's tool kit side 1Homeowner's tool kit side 27 daysMarstonCheck availabilityIncludes: 16-Foot tape measure; hammer; 18MM knife; level; long nose pliers; slip joint pliers; screwdriver set; ratchet with spinner handle, sockets and bits; SAE hex key set; metric hex key setTools
Digital caliperDigital caliper7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityBattery powered, Inch/Metric, 0-6" Range, +/-0.005" Accuracy, 0.001" ResolutionTools
Dremel kitDremel kit7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityDremel 4300-5/40 - variety of accessoriesTools
Samsung Gear VRSamsung Gear VR7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityVR headset and controller; compatible phone requiredVirtual Reality/Augmented Reality
Calculator - Canon LS82Z Canon calculator1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityCalculators
Raspberry PiRaspberry pi7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityMiscellaneous
Arduino Uno Microcontroller Arduino7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityMiscellaneous
3D scanner - Structure Sensor7 daysMarstonCheck availability3D
Epson Moverio7 daysMarstonCheck availabilitySmart glassesVirtual Reality/Augmented Reality
Google Glass7 daysMarstonCheck availabilitySmart glasses Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
Calculator - Engineering/Scientific Scientific calculator1 dayMarstonCheck availabilityTexas Instruments TI-36X ProCalculators
MAC adapters7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityMini-DVI-VGA 1-2; Mini-Display Port-VGA 1-2Cables and adapters
Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer KitThe cover of the Player's Handbook rule book for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition2 weeksMarstonCheck availabilityIncludes Player's Handbook and dice setGame, Miscellaneous
Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master KitThe core rulebooks gift set for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition2 weeksMarstonCheck availabilityIncludes core rulebooks and 3 dice setsGame, Miscellaneous
Dungeons & Dragons Party KitThe Essentials Kit box for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition1 monthMarstonCheck availabilityIncludes Essentials Kit box with premade starter adventure, and 8 dice setsGame, Miscellaneous
Stylus Pen7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityAccessories, Tablets
Binoculars binoculars7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityIncludes Celestron NatureDX outdoor and birding binoculars, tripod mount, and smartphone adapter
Vuze XR 360° & VR180° camera 7 daysMarstonCheck availability Audio/Visual, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
Digilent Analog Discovery 2 (DAD)Picture of Digilent Analog Discovery 2 (DAD) 7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityUSB oscilloscope, logic analyzer, and multi-function instrument with two programmable power supplies.

Free counterpart software is available for download at Digilent WaveForms
Tools, Miscellaneous
Sewing Machine Even Feed Foot for Janome HD-1000Image of Walking Feed Foot for Janome HD-10007 daysMarstonCheck availabilityAccessory for use with the Janome HD-1000 sewing machine

Allows fabrics to feed with better control and prevents under layer from coming up short. Useful for topstitching, quilting straight lines, matching prints or plaids while sewing, or to prevent fabric shifting.
Tools, Miscellaneous, Accessories
Drafting KitPicture of Drafting Kit7 daysMarstonCheck availabilityIncludes 2 Compasses, 2 triangles, 1 6-inch ruler, 1 protractor, 2 pencils for compass, 2 fineliners, 1 metal mechanical pencil, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 eraser, and 2 pencil lead refillsTools, Miscellaneous
Drawing tablet - Wacom Intuous ProWacom drawing tablet7 daysMarstonMake reservationReservation Required. Can be used with Mac or PC. Tablets
HololensHololens7 daysMarstonMake reservationReservation Required. Microsoft mixed reality headsetVirtual Reality/Augmented Reality
HTC ViveHTC Vive7 daysMarstonMake reservationReservation Required. Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
Magic Leap OneMagic Leap One7 daysMarstonMake reservationReservation Required. Augmented reality headset superimposes 3D computer-generated imagery over real world objectsVirtual Reality/Augmented Reality
Playstation VRPlaystation VR7 daysMarstonMake reservationReservation Required. VR gaming headset with controllers; PS4 requiredVirtual Reality/Augmented Reality
Podcasting kitPodcasting kit7 daysMarstonMake reservationReservation Required. Includes: Zoom H5 4-track portable recorder; professional hairy windscreen; wired remote control; AC power adapter; USB cable; Audio-Technica AT8010 Omni-Directional Instrument Condensor Microphone; Rode NTG2 Condensor Shotgun Microphone; camera caseAudio/Visual
Projector Portable projector with cables7 daysMarstonMake reservationReservation Required. Portable projector with native 1080P HD resolution, tripod, remoteAudio/Visual
Sewing MachineImage of Singer Heavy Duty 4411 / Janome HD-1000 Black Edition Sewing Machines7 daysMarstonMake reservationReservation required.
Singer Heavy Duty 4411 or Janome HD-1000 Black Edition Sewing Machine with supplies and case
Tools, Miscellaneous
Canon Vixia Camcorder Canon Vixia Camcorder7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityHand-held camcorder that records audio and videoAudio/Visual
Techo Lens Techo Lens Kits7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityMobile telephoto lens kitAccessories, Audio/Visual
Ricoh Theta 360 CameraRicho Theta7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityRecords 360 degree images and videoAudio/Visual
Smove Stabilizer Smove Stabilizer7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityStabilizing tool for recording video with smartphoneAccessories, Audio/Visual
Logitech Laser PresenterLaser Presenter7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityUp to 50-foot wireless rangeAccessories
Shirt microphone Shirt Mic7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityAUX port lavalier micAudio/Visual
Meeting OwlMeeting Owl7 daysLibrary WestCheck availability360° smart video conferencing cameraAudio/Visual
Portable Blu-Ray Player
BluRay Player
7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityPortable Blu-Ray Player with audio jack, built-in speaker, and remote controlAudio/Visual
Tec.Bean Wildlife Camera Tec.Bean Wildlife Camera7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityTec.Bean Wildlife Camera that records HD 12MP 1080p resolution videoAudio/Visual
Shotgun Mic Shotgun Mic7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityZoom long-distance microphone attachment usable with the Zoom Q8 RecorderAccessories
Zoom Q8 Video Recorder Zoom Q8 Video Recorder7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityZoom Video and Audio recorder; can be paired with the Zoom Shotgun MicrophoneAudio/Visual
DeWise Lavalier Microphone Lavalier Microphone7 daysLibrary WestCheck availability3.5mm jack input microphone, not software needed!Audio/Visual
Pyle Tripod Microphone Stand Pyle Microphone Stand7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityLight-weight stand that holds most standard microphonesAccessories, Audio/Visual
Tascam Mini RecorderTascam Recorder7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityMini voice recorder with lavalier mic and shirt clipAudio/Visual
KobraTech Mobile Tripod KobraTech Tripod & Accessories7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityControl your device's photo shutter with a Bluetooth remote and an easily formed tripod.Tools
LibWest Tech Accessories Apple 30-pin to VGA cable3 hours In-Library UseLibrary West Check availabilityApple 30-Pin to VGA Adapter, Apple 30-Pin to HDMI Adapter, Apple Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter, Apple Mini DisplayPort to AV Adapter (HDMI)Accessories, Cables and adapters
Olympus DSLR CameraOlympus Camera7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityDLSR Digital CameraAudio/Visual
CamRah Lens CamRah Lens7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityMobile device lens kitAccessories, Audio/Visual
HeadphonesHeadphones3 hours In-Library UseLibrary WestCheck availabilityOver-the-ear AUX-input headphones (no mic)Audio/Visual
External DVD/CD Writer DVD/CD Burner3 hours In-Library UseLibrary WestCheck availabilityUSB-connecting external disc driveAccessories, Audio/Visual
Anker Portable ChargerAnker Charger3 hours In-Library UseLibrary WestCheck availabilityPowerCore 20100Chargers
RecorderZoom H1 Handy Recorder7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityZoom H1 Handy Recorder with built-in stereo X/Y microphone; auto level control; low cut filter.Audio/Visual
TI BA II Plus Calculator TI BA II Plus3 hours In-Library UseLibrary WestCheck availabilityFor finance, accounting, economics, investment, statistics, and other business classesCalculators
USB Blue Yeti MicrophoneYeti mic7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityProfessional multi-pattern USB mic for recording and streamingAudio/Visual
Pocketalk Handheld Translator Pocketalk Handheld Translator7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityHandheld translator that can translate more than 82 spoken languagesMiscellaneous
Blu-Ray External Disc Driveblu-ray disc drive7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityLG Blu-Ray External Disc Drive with USB-cable and carrying case.Accessories, Audio/Visual
Scrim & HolderScrim with various reversible reflectors7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityLight-reflecting disc scrim with reversible color cover and adjustable scrim holding arm/tripod.Accessories, Audio/Visual
50" Collapsible Tripod50 inch tripod7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityAmazon Basics Lightweight 50" TripodAccessories, Audio/Visual
60" Collapsible Tripod60 inch tripod7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityAmazon Basics Lightweight 60" TripodAccessories, Audio/Visual
Collapsible Monopodmonopod7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityDolica WT-1003 67" collapsible monopodAccessories, Audio/Visual
Zoom H4N RecorderZoomH4N recorder7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityZoom H4N hand-held recorder with Sony headphones, headphone case, hotshoe to 1/4" converter, windbuster, line-to-mic attenuator cable, remote, hard Zoom case, 16 GB SD card, large carrying case, XLR mic cable, & USB to miniB cableAudio/Visual
Stereo Turntableturntable7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityAudio-Technica turnable with travel case, soundbar, 45 RPM adapter, RCA cables, USB cable, and outlet adapter.Audio/Visual
GoPro Hero 5 Camera Kit GoPro Hero7 daysLibrary WestCheck availabilityIncludes: GoPro Hero 5 series camera (in hard-shell case), Tenba backpack, MicroSD memory card, GoPro battery, USB cable, and quick-release buckle mount.Audio/Visual
Apple 60w MagSafe Power Adapter4 hoursHealth Science CenterCheck availabilityCables and adapters
Stethoscope1 dayHealth Science CenterCheck availabilityMiscellaneous, Tools
Otoscope1 dayHealth Science CenterCheck availabilityMiscellaneous, Tools
Blood pressure cuff1 dayHealth Science CenterCheck availabilityMiscellaneous, Tools
HDMI cable4 hoursHealth Science CenterCheck availabilityCables and adapters
Web camera4 hoursHealth Science CenterCheck availabilityAccessories, Audio/Visual
Digital video camera kit2 hours inside libraryHealth Science CenterCheck availabilityAudio/Visual
USB/Flash drive4 hoursHealth Science CenterCheck availabilityAccessories
HeadphonesHeadphones4 hours inside libraryHealth Science CenterCheck availabilityAudio/Visual
Headset4 hoursHealth Science CenterCheck availabilityModel ccs55228Audio/Visual
Digital video camera kit7 daysEducationCheck availabilityKicteck 4K Ultra-HD Camcorder with wide-angle lens and stereo microphone attachmentsAudio/Visual
360 camera - GoPro FusionGoPro Fusion 3607 daysEducationCheck availabilityAudio/Visual
Headphones - Noise-canceling Bluetooth Wireless4 hours inside libraryEducationCheck availabilityWith mic, charging cable, audio cable, and travel caseAudio/Visual
3D scanner7 daysEducationCheck availabilitySense2 3D scanner3D
zSpace Tracking Glasses4 hours inside libraryEducationCheck availabilityFor use with the zSpace Desktop located in the EduGator MakeryVirtual Reality/Augmented Reality
Charging cable4 hours inside libraryEducationCheck availabilityKingback multi-use charger feature 30-Pin, Micro USB, Type-C, and Lightning cords for use on a variety of mobile devices.Chargers
USB-C Charger Cable and Adapter Brick4 hours inside libraryEducationCheck availabilityUniversal charger, compatible with most USB-C devices (Apple, laptop/tablet, and Android)Chargers
Universal 90 Watt AC laptop charger90-watt laptop charger7 daysEducationCheck availability15 interchangeable charging tips. Compatible with 40W 45W 65W 90W laptop power adapter.Chargers
Calculator - Engineering/Scientific Scientific calculator7 daysEducationCheck availabilityTexas Instruments TI-36X ProCalculators
HDMI cable cable ends4 hours inside libraryEducationCheck availabilityCables and adapters
HDMI to USB-C adapter adapter4 hours inside libraryEducationCheck availabilityConnect USB-C computer or phone to an HDMI-equipped display, monitor, or projectorCables and adapters
HDMI cableHDMI cable7 daysBorland (Jax), MarstonCheck availabilityCables and adapters
Charging CablePhone chargerAFA 2 hours, Marston 1 dayArchitecture & Fine Arts, MarstonCheck availability4-in-1 USB charging cable with type-C, micro USB, Apple Lightning, and Apple 30-pin connectorsChargers
iPhone charger with cableAFA 2 hours, HSCL 4 hoursArchitecture & Fine Arts, Health Science CenterCheck availabilityChargers
iPads iPad 2 Air1 monthArchitecture & Fine Arts, Education, Health Science Center, Library West, MarstonCheck availability
Shure SM48 MicrophoneMicrophone7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityAudio/Visual
LyxPro AmplifierAmplifier7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityAudio/Visual
Blue Yeti USB Microphone Bundleblue yeti microphone bundle7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityKit includes desktop microphone, boom arm, pop filter, and headphonesAudio/Visual
Macbook Magsafe ChargerMacbook charger1 dayArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availability Macbook 85W MagSafe 2 Power AdapterChargers
Microsoft 65W Laptop ChargerMicrosoft charger1 dayArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityChargers
Universal Laptop ChargerUniversal laptop charger1 dayArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availability90W Universal Laptop ChargerChargers
HDMI cablesHDMI cable7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityCables and adapters
Boss RC-202 Loop StationLoop station7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityAudio/Visual
Stylus PenStylus pen7 daysArchitecture & Fine Arts<a href= Dash4 Stylus PenAccessories, Tablets
Microphone StandMicrophone stand7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityInnoGear microphone standAudio/Visual
Pocketalk Classic Handheld TranslatorPocketalk translator7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityHandheld translator that can translate more than 82 spoken languagesMiscellaneous
Noise-Cancelling HeadphonesHeadphones2 hours in-libraryArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityBeats Studio3 Noise Cancelling HeadphonesAudio/Visual
Royal Classic Manual TypewriterTypewriter7 daysArchitecture & Fine Arts<a href= Dash4 Stylus PenMiscellaneous
Weighted Lap BlanketWeighted lap blanket2 hours in-libraryArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityMiscellaneous
Fidget Toy KitsFidget toys2 hours in-libraryArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityMiscellaneous
Wacom One Drawing TabletDrawing tablet7 daysArchitecture & Fine Arts<a href=
4-in-1 Multi Phone ChargerMulti phone charger2 hoursArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityMinlu 4-in-1 Multi Phone Charging CableChargers
Macbook Type C ChargerMacbook charger1 dayArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityMacBook Charger 96W type CChargers
Wired MouseComputer mouse7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityAccessories
Anker 10 Port ChargerAnker 10 Port Charger7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityAnker 10 Port 60W ChargerChargers
DVDRW drive - External USB 2 hoursArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityDellAccessories, Audio/Video
Anker PowerCore ChargerAnker portable charger7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityAnker PowerCore 20 Portable ChargerChargers
Structure Sensor 3D Scanner Scanner7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availability3D
USB Flashdrive2 hoursArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityAccessories
Sunpak 8001 UT TripodStanding tripod7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityLoad Capacity: 10.0 lb
Maximum Height: 60.0"
3-way pan/tilt head
Accessories, Audio/Visual, Tools
HeadphonesHeadphones2 hours inside libraryArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityAudio/Visual
DVD headphones multi-splitter2 hours inside libraryArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityAudio/Visual
KODAK Mini Digital Flim scanner -7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityScan, edit, and save film negatives and slides directly onto an SD cardAudio/Visual, Miscellaneous
LitEnergy Light Tracing BoxTracing box7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityLight weight light pad. Overall dimension including black frame is L14.2’’xW10.6’’xH0.2’’. The visual working area is 9’’x12’’Tools
Revopoint POP2 3D Scanner3D scanner7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availability3D
Zoom Video RecorderVideo recorder7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityRecords 4k/30p HD 150° wide-angle lens (F2.8/15.2 mm) with 5 field of view. Includes external battery case and micro-SD card.Audio/Visual
Kodak Slide N Scan 50 mm Film Scanner7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availability14MP Digital Film Scanner - view, edit and convert color and b&w negatives [135, 110, 126mm] & 50mm Slides [135, 110, 126mm] to digital files and save directly to SD cardAudio/Visual, Miscellaneous
Photo Studio BoxPhoto box7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityLoanable photo studio box

25'' x 30'' x 25''

High output built-in LED lights for handheld photography with a camera or smartphone. Lights provide 5600k daylight balanced LEDs with high Color Rendering Index (CRI). A front 3-door system maximizes image angles while reducing outside reflections, and a top hole enables imaging from above.
Accessories, Audio/Visual
Kodak Luma 350 ProjectorProjector7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityPortable Mini LED ProjectorAudio/Visual
Joby GorillaPod Tripod with Phone MountTripod7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityAccessories, Audio/Visual, Tools
Vidpro Grip-Stand Mini TripodPistol grip tripod7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityTwo-in-One Mini Camera Tripod and Pistol Grip Stabilizer Accessories, Audio/Visual, Tools
Kodak Luma 450 ProjectorProjector7 daysArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityPortable Mini LED ProjectorAudio/Visual
Photo Studio BoxPhoto box2 hours in-library useArchitecture & Fine ArtsCheck availabilityIn-library photo studio box:
High output built-in LED lights for handheld photography with a camera or smartphone. Lights provide 5600k daylight balanced LEDs with high Color Rendering Index (CRI). A front 3-door system maximizes image angles while reducing outside reflections, and a top hole enables imaging from above.
Accessories, Audio/Visual