Print and Scan

UFIT manages the printers in Marston Science Library.

Black/White Printing

B/W printers are located on Marston’s 1st and 2nd floor.

Color Printing

The color printer is located on Marston’s 2nd floor.

Poster Printing

A poster plotter is located on Marston’s 1st floor. Due to renovations, the poster plotter and UFIT Printing Help Desk have moved temporarily to L136, the Conference and Visualization Room.

3D Printing

Marston’s 3D printing service is open to the entire UF community and the general public. Request a print and find out more information at


Find flatbed scanners on the 1st floor Thompson lab and the 2nd floor computer lab. Large standalone scanners, ideal for scanning books, are located on the 2nd floor near the computer lab.