Marston Directory
(352) 273-0371

Joe Aufmuth

GIS and Remote Sensing Librarian; School of Forest Resources and Conservation

Joe Aufmuth
(352) 273-2864

Jean Bossart

Engineering Librarian and 3D printing

Image of Jean Bossart
(352) 273-2879

Amy Buhler

Engineering Librarian and Information Seeking Behavior

Image of Amy Buhler
(352) 273-2868

Tara Cataldo

Biological Sciences Librarian and Collections Coordinator

Image of Tara Cataldo
(352) 273-2855

Brad Curry

Access Services and Course Reserves Assistant

Image of Brad Curry
(352) 273-0173

Randell Duggins

Innovative Media Facilitator and all things related to 3D printing

Image of Randell Duggins
(352) 273-2888

Robin Fowler

Marston Public Services Coordinator & Smathers Ask A Librarian Coordinator

Image of Robin Fowler

Alexandrea Glenn

Student Success Librarian

Photo of Alex Glenn
(352) 273-2889

Sara Gonzalez

Associate Chair and Physical Sciences and Visualization Librarian

Image of Sara Gonzalez (352)273-2504

CJ Gott

Access Services Assistant

Photo of CJ Gott
(352) 273-2854

Vanessa Jewett

Night and Weekend Operations Manager

Image of Vanessa Jewett
(352) 273-2544

Danielle Johnson

Circulating Technology and Collections Supervisor

Image of Danielle Johnson
(352) 273-2866

Michelle Leonard

Environmental Sciences Librarian and Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

Image of Michelle Leonard
(352) 273-2880

Valrie Minson

Chair of Marston and Asst. Dean of Assessment and Student Engagement

Image of Valrie Minson (352) 273-0366

Michelle Nolan

Chemical Sciences Librarian

Image of Michelle Nolan
(352) 273-2694

Sarah Prentice

Circulation Assistant and Social Media

Image of Sarah Prentice (352)273-2607

Maite Rodezno

Weekend Access Services Assistant

Photo of Maite
(352) 273-2661

Melody Royster

Agricultural Sciences Librarian and Student Engagement

Image of Melody Royster
(352) 273-2715

Suzanne Stapleton

Agricultural Sciences and Digital Initiatives Librarian

Image of Suzanne Stapleton
(352) 273-2853

Joanna Tuskey

Daytime Operations Manager

Image of Joanna Tuskey
(352) 273-2874

Barrett Uhler

Access Services Assistant and Exhibit Support

Image of Barrett Uhler
(352) 273-2871

Christine Yip

Access Services and Collections Manager

Image of Christine Yip 352)273-3293

Beth Zavoyski

Collections & Metrics Facilitator

Photo of Beth Zavoyski