Computer Labs & Software

Computer Labs

1st Floor Computer Labs

There are 2 computers labs on the 1st floor. The Thompson lab has 40 Windows computers and another lab in the NW corner has 50 Windows computers.

North Computer Lab

2nd Floor Computer Lab

The 2nd floor computer lab has 32 Windows, including several Mac computers.

2nd Floor of Marston Science Library

3rd Floor Computers

There is one section containing 10 Windows computers on the 3rd floor. The computers are located outside of room L308.

3rd floor computers

4th and 5th Floor Computers

The 4th and 5th floors have 4 computers each. They are located in the NW corner of each floor.

4th Floor Computers

CT Computers

Two workstations in the Neon room on the 2nd floor have VGStudio Max, a software package for editing CT scan data. These computers are by reservation only and users can obtain access by reserving time using this form:

For more questions, email our librarians at


All workstations in Marston Science Library, except for the Neon room, have the same software as found in all UFIT-managed computer labs on campus. For a full list of currently-supported software, visit